• Stephen Olmon

Continuous Intentionality

In our fast-paced, distracting world it can be hard to stay focused. A word that I use in relation to focusing on the right things is intentionality.

I've been thinking a lot about being intentional in all facets of my life (marriage, parenting, work, family, friendships, etc), and a thought came to mind - we are always being intentional, but at times on the wrong things.

Some might position this as "Intentional vs Unintentional", but I don't think that represents reality well. I desire to be an intentional father, but if I am failing to do so I think the truth is that I am instead being intentional towards something else - my comfort, my work, etc.

Simply saying that I am being unintentional does not have enough weight behind it.

So, why does this clarification matter? If you recognize that you are continuously being intentional toward something, I believe it will help you be more intentional / focused on / engaged with the things you truly desire.