• Stephen Olmon

Employee Ownership

I recently went to two different restaurants and had significantly opposite experiences. I walked into one establishment and was met with smiles, enthusiasm, and kindness. The employees genuinely took an interest in serving me and made every effort to ensure that my experience was positive.

I visited another well-known restaurant and had the complete opposite experience. Employees were disengaged, lacked enthusiasm, and generally appeared as if they would prefer to be anywhere but at work. 

I've been to multiple locations of both of these places and it is consistent every time. Why? What causes this difference? I suppose there are many answers, but what became apparent to me was that the employees who treated me well acted as if they owned the place.

The employees had an ownership mentality.

Did they own equity? Did they have a sweet bonus plan? Were they incentivized by a commission structure? Nope. They simply bought in to the vision that their employer is dedicated to.