• Stephen Olmon

The Goal of Goals

I am not a fan of "New Year's Resolutions". Why is the turn of a year so motivating? The truth is that this is the worst time to set forth towards something new. The use of a new calendar year for motivation to do or be something you desire is often not sufficient to maintain necessary consistency and dedication.

You need a more meaningful "why" to stay driven towards a goal.

Speaking of goals...why do we have them? What is the goal of a goal?

The goal of a goal is to declare something you desire, to admit to yourself that you want it, and to have something to hold yourself accountable to and/or measure against. If you walk through life aimlessly, you likely will not maximize the opportunities you had. Goals help us pursue something specific, which increases our chances of being the man or woman we want to be.

However, it's important to realize that we make goals for both good and bad reasons. At times, our goals are driven by our loved ones. "I want to be healthier for my spouse and my children". You might think to yourself "I want to share my life with someone else in the context of a relationship, so I'm going to do XYZ...which should increase my chances". Others might have monetary goals, which could provide certain freedom or comforts (time, a house, etc).

Nearly any goal can have a mature, well-thought-out motive behind it. Alternatively, that same goal can also be driven by something unhealthy or unworthy.

So, the goal of a goal is to drive us toward what we truly want to do and who we know we want to be. However, it's of utmost importance that the motivation behind the goal is healthy and wise. I suggest you invite trusted friends/family to come alongside you as you commit to goals as a way of preventing you from pursuing things for reasons that do not actually align with who you are.