• Stephen Olmon

The Struggle Of Staying

People leave jobs, places, and other people in the name of exploration, adventure, and freedom. While those things can be good, they can also be counter-productive.

Staying...that can be the hard stuff.

Staying in a community that you've invested in but have seen can be hard.

Staying in a friendship or relationship while you're in a relational can be hard. 

Staying at a job where passion has run can be hard. 

But it may also be worth it. To be clear, staying is not always the right call. However, I see our society getting much too comfortable with leaving while forgetting to count the costs and possible opportunity of staying. If you are wrestling with leaving something, I would take time to consider staying. At the very least you will further confirm the need to leave, but it may lead to hard truth that staying will be better in the long run (although likely painful in the present).