• Stephen Olmon

That Deep, Dark Secret

I won't say "all people"...but most people have something in their life that they wouldn't want the general public to know about.

This is true of most companies as well. You may believe to your very core that the product you have built with blood, sweat, and ungodly amounts of caffeine is incredible...but there's that thing that doesn't actually do what you say it does.

There's that algorithm that isn't as accurate as advertised.

There's that question you really hope they won't ask on the sales demo.

There's that HR issue that you hope doesn't see the light of day.

There's that burgeoning market trend that you know you haven't addressed sufficiently.

My question is "Why the **** haven't you done anything about it yet?" If you know about it, be more proactive. Don't just let that deep, dark secret stay in its corner and grow. 

The question you don't want asked on the sales demo should be the first thing you bring up in the meeting. Operate from a position of power, not weakness

The HR issue? Meet it head on. Address it with your team and take action. Hoping that the big bad thing will just disappear with time is the worst thing you can do as a leader.