• Stephen Olmon

The Face Of A Pretender

I have been a pretender. I'm not any longer. 

I have friends that still are pretenders. Some likely will be forever, some are crossing that chasm as I write this. 

What is a pretender? They are not what they portray...simple as that.

Some pretend to have healthy marriages. Some pretend to have a lot of money. Some pretend to be happy. Some pretend to be humble. Some even pretend to be struggling.

Why is that? I know when I was pretending it was rooted in insecurity and a lack of self respect. There are a multitude of potential factors that cause some to portray an image of something that they are not, do not have, have not achieved, or will not do. 

Pretending is the ultimate activity of the unproductive. This is not some "hustle porn" post - "Do more, be more, grow faster, work harder." No. 

I'm simply warning that many of us pretend, even in small ways, and it's always hurtful to ourselves and often times those that we care most about. We want to fit in, we want to feel a certain way, we want a certain recognition, we want to feel validated. Want. So much wanting. 

Instead, trade the wanting for contentment in the moment. Trade the wanting for unrelenting honesty with yourself. Trade the wanting for gratitude. 

Work harder? long as you're not working at pretending.