• Stephen Olmon

The Power of Proximity

The world has never been this connected.

As of today, nearly 50% of all people on planet Earth have internet access. We will soon be able to meet with anyone in any place using platforms like Skype, Hangouts, UberConference, WeChat,'s endless. This level of connectivity is celebrated and has become ubiquitous in our lives.

Although this capability has become necessary, I think that it's caused us to forget about the power of proximity.

I continue to find significant value in orienting my life around a smaller and smaller geographical footprint. You may wander what this looks like practically, so here's a quick list:

-I work from a coworking space that is a 3 minute drive (or 10 minute walk) from my house. I hold nearly all in-person meetings from this location.

-My go-to coffee shop shares a wall with the aforementioned coworking space.

-I can get dry cleaning, a car wash, and groceries within 2 miles of my house.

-I can easily walk to 5 of my closest friends' homes

I could keep going, but the basic outcome is 1) I save a meaningful amount of time and 2) I run into the same people with regularity. These two things have greatly enriched my life.

I still hop onto miraculous meeting platforms daily that connect me with colleagues and friends all over the world, but the power that proximity has played in my life is also something that I really appreciate.