• Stephen Olmon

Transfer of Trust

We all are after something - a job, a sale, a relationship. Whatever that goal is, most will agree that this should be pursued with focus, determination, and patience. I agree with those things, but I would like to add another word to the equation. These things we desire must be pursued strategically.

As you begin to chase after this goal, you may find that it is hard. Shocking!

So, what should you do? I recommend that you identify a tangential anchor to the thing that you seek. What the heck is a tangential anchor? I'm glad you asked.

Does the decision maker for that big sale love their local NFL team? Take a few minutes on Monday morning to see how the game went so that you can better relate to them on the call you have later in the week.

Did the hiring manager mention in passing that she loves running marathons? Do a quick search for upcoming events and send her a link to one as a suggestion. Better yet, is there an upcoming marathon that's focused on a cause that you connect with? Nice! Send that one and establish a deeper connection.

You can be the best salesperson, candidate, or available bachelor but it will not matter if you are unable to establish meaningful connection and trust. Once you have made progress, you can choose to lean in more to that goal and leverage the tangential anchor you built.

To clarify, I'm not advocating for you to manipulate and deceive others to get what you want. You can, however, transfer trust or connection established in one area to increase your odds at securing something else.