• Stephen Olmon

We Need To Tinker

I'm convinced that, collectively, we tinker far less than we used to 🔧

To have a problem or an unknown, only to then figure it out on your own is bliss...but we have stopped doing this to a large degree.

The cheap answer is "Well, everyone is just so busy, thus we tinker less." Not entirely irrelevant, but I don't believe it's the answer we deserve.

As I have chewed on this over the last several months, what's come to my attention is this:

Our lack of tinkering points to the alarming rate at which we, as humans, no longer explore 🚴🏻

We are fascinated by the concept of exploration, both in history and present - see: our obsession with Elon Musk🚀

But, even though fascination is prevalent, action is limited. I know this to be true of myself, at least in certain circumstances.

💻 We Google it instead of discussing with a friend.

📱 We YouTube it instead of fidgeting and fixing.

🗣 We poll Twitter instead of pondering it further.


Yes, and I'm proposing that...maybe...just maybe...we should value efficiency less.

Tinker. Think. Learn. Explore. That's our history as humans, and I'm concerned that we are running away from it as fast as we can.