• Stephen Olmon

Where's The Blueberry?

When I want to stray away from the dependable, certain glory of a glazed or chocolate donut, I like to dabble in the blueberry vibes. I recently had such an opportunity and bit into that blueberry donut with anticipation...and then I took another bite. And another.

After my palate was left a little unsatisfied I thought to myself "Where's the blueberry?"

This donut, which was clearly positioning itself as blueberry, had committed some pretty serious false advertisement. Was there sugar? Oh ya...buckets. Was there blueberry? Maybe a hint...a smidge...a slight essence.......but not really.

So what does this have to do with anything? I think this is exactly what many of us do when we put out content, start a company, or even enter into a relationship of some sort. What we intended to do or be has been lost in the shuffle of it all.

Why does this happen? Why do we get distracted from our north star?

In my opinion, this is simply explained by a lack of discipline and commitment. Have you held yourself accountable to do what you announced on Facebook last month? Did you actually convey the point you wanted to make, or did you tangent towards a hot topic that you thought might get more clicks? Are you being the man or woman that you said you would be in the context of a friendship, marriage, or business partnership?

Are you blueberry, or are you a blue block of sugar?